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Public Bus

Singapore has a comprehensive public bus system. The prices are low and you can purchase a transit link card that can be used on the buses as well as the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). Most services start around 6am and run to midnight.


The taxis are metered and available everywhere in Singapore. You can hail a taxi anywhere along the road (except along roads in the CBD with public buses plying) as long as it does not result in a traffic violation or endanger the safety of other road users. There are also specific locations where a taxi cannot stop to pick up or alight passengers, such as along bus lanes during their operational hours, lanes with double zig-zag lines, and at bus stops and all public roads and side roads in the CBD. There are a lot of various surcharges like peak hour, advance booking and late-night surcharges. The prices are listed in the taxi. There are also restricted zones where a taxi will pass through an Electronic Road Pricing Gantry (ERP). The passenger will pay the ERP fee indicated on the In-vehicle unit as well.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT)

The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) covers most of the island with almost 100 stations and can be the fastest mode of transportation during peak hours. The fares are relatively inexpensive and a comprehensive guide is available at the stations. The trains run from around 5am to midnight.