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Diamond Island Luxury Residences in Ho Chi Minh City offers fully-furnished apartments with private balconies providing panoramic views of the stunning surroundings in one of the most spectacular districts in the city. Each lavish space features plush interiors, modern amenities, elegant furnishings and carefully chosen trimmings and fixtures, creating a luxurious harmony of comfort and sensorial tranquility that will have you relaxed and recharged, and functioning at peak performance.

Residents can enjoy a complete lifestyle experience with the myriad of recreational facilities, including a per area, golf chipping green, tennis courts, gymnasium, salt water swimming pools, BBQ garden, promenade, dental clinic, restaurant, community centre, sports centre and children playground with nanny care on the island.

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To truly live the Ascott experience, we recommend that you get out of our residences. Step into the world of Ascott Lifestyle where it’s fascinating, invigorating, exhilarating. From culture to gastronomy, community living to wellness activities, choose from the wide range of curated experiences that will leave you wanting. To book your Ascott Lifestyle activities, please visit www.ascottlifestyle.com or contact us at ascottlifestyle@the-ascott.com